light encounter

for Android



Sky Light · Encounter

The team behind the 2013 game of the year Journey of the Wind and the critically acclaimed Flower will bring you an experience like never before. A heartwarming social adventure game.

This is a journey to the clouds that embraces freedom and warmth. Join hands with your loved ones, soar in this extraordinary sky kingdom, the power of love will support you all the way.

[The master is back, after many years of excellent works are coming again]

Famous game designer Chen Xinghan brings back a great game after many years after Journey, which opens up an unforgettable social adventure experience and meets soaring dream chasers in the clear sky and the sea of ​​clouds.

【The great sea of ​​clouds, the greatness of heaven and earth soar with your heart】

Witness a grand and ever-changing sky kingdom, soar as you want in the dream-like sea of ​​clouds; walk with the clouds, resonate with love, and freely pursue the dream of "flying" between the vast heaven and earth, with your heart as your heart. career.

[Unexpectedly encounter strangers and move forward hand in hand]

On the journey of exploring the vast world, meet, meet, know, and help people from all over the world; the experience of surprise and moving, illuminate each other with strangers, move forward together, and start a unique social adventure.

【Departure from the Light, Explore the Mystery of the Fantasy World】

With light in mind, in the ancient ruins, in the lost kingdom, to find the secrets hidden by the long time; on the journey, meet different people and creatures of the fantasy world, and spread the light to the vast kingdom.

【Encounter with warmth, regain the courage to pursue your dream journey】

Join hands with loved ones, pick up courage and faith, and embark on a fantastic and surprising social adventure together; on the journey of chasing light and dreams, companionship makes the road ahead no longer lonely.